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Catherine has always had an interest in personal development, spirituality and metaphysics. She is passionate about helping others create self-empowerment, wellness and abundance in addition to helping people develop spiritual/intuitive awareness. 

As a Multi-dimensional being, her skills include clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing) Clairsentience (feeling) , channeling (allowing direct communication with spirit guides, Angels, or your Higher Self), mediumship *relaying messages from loved one in spirit)  Included are QCT past life sessions too locate the origin of a problem.  Catherine works with a council that calls themselves “ONE”. As an artist spirit has given her the ability to see inside the body locating the origins of physical ailments.  

Catherine, the artist,  puts the highest aspect of healing energy into all her artwork. She is an International artist with works in private, corporate collections and museums in the US Canada, France, England, Mexico, Russia, Italy, Greece and Japan.  https://createconsciously.life/links/

Catherine Foster healing services

QCT sessions: include the tapping process, grounding experience, clearing of blocks, past live event  and channeling of the council of ONE experience. (sometimes it takes a few sessions before one is ready to do the past life experience),

1-2 hour  per session $225.  (Includes 3.4% credit card charges and a digital of the zoom and audio of your session)               

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The best results occur with repeated sessions. 

The first session is $225 then 3 additional sessions per session $175=$750. Savings of $150 for the month. (Includes 3.4% credit card charges and a digital of the zoom and audio of your session)               

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Akashic Records session :  Meditation, trip into your records library, guidance on reading the scrolls/ books, rewriting of the records.

(Includes 3.4% credit card charges and a digital of zoom and audio of your session.)

45 min session $165

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Ebook “How to Activate Loving You – The Self-Love Journey to Embracing Yourself” by Catherine Foster

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What People Have To Say

 ~Michele B.

I recently had the privilege of working with an amazing energy healer, Catherine Foster. The experience was like nothing I had ever experienced before! She has the warmest presence that made me feel instantly at ease, and she had a way of connecting with me that made me feel like I could trust her. She was very knowledgeable and explained the healing process in a way that made it easy to understand. During the session, I felt a deep sense of relaxation, and I found myself in a state of calmness and clarity that I hadn’t experienced in a while. I felt as if I was being guided through a healing journey and I left the session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find some balance and alignment in their lives. She was able to help me find a sense of inner peace that I didn’t even know I was missing!       

 ~Johanna Gardner

Catherine is a one of a kind INCREDIBLE healer and artist. As a powerful medical intuitive, she visually SAW inside my body and helped me connect some emotional trauma to explain why I was having the physical pain. I literally felt the pain disappear as we worked together and was so grateful for her healing insights. I admire Catherine so much. She’s amazingly talented and has a heart of gold. You’ll be forever touched by her magic.

Johanna Gardner- Intuitive Business Coach www.Johannagardner.com

 -Debra Thain

My experience with Catherine was just mind blowing! I know that’s a understatement! A well known phrase, but it really was. I had pain in my feet, toes, and legs. The pain dissipated and my body felt tingly. There was a beautiful light that came over my lower extremities and I could just feel the love the healing that was taking place. Catherine picked up on those very important places she discovered in me and the healing began. It’s so beautiful what’s happening. It’s definitely from a power greater ( GOD) that was present. . My experience with this healing will help me so much! Thank you Catherine for all you do for us/me. I’m so glad I said YES TO THIS INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! So much love! You can’t imagine!Words can’t describe what I’m feeling still, as I write this!

– Sonya Larson Elwood

Catherine is very gentle and encouraging at the same time.  She has helped me tap into a part of myself that I hadn’t seen in a while. During our sessions she was able to relay messages that helped  me realize that I was holding onto deep grief that was blocking me from moving on forward. I’ve learned so much in our time together about love, light, energy and angels.  I’m so very thankful!

Christine Grant 

I have done a few sessions with Catherine and it has resulted in reducing my debilitating anxiety to almost nothing. I am behind myself to understand how many years of trauma have attached themselves to my energy and self worth. I have been struggling to manage my older daughters autism and her dad my ex’s drama. The school situation has been bad all year and I had given up trying to fix it. I had a couple of possible solutions in the back of my mind. Yesterday after a session I ran into a mom friend who offered to let us use her address for school purposes (this happened almost immediately after the session). I feel stronger more centered and more capable of dealing with my current situation. A situation that has been so overwhelming & scary I have been drowning in it. I feel like the whole world is opening up vs swallowing me. 

– Diane Lefebvre

Over the past year I have come to know Catherine as an extremely warm, caring, and thoughtful person. I have received a couple of energy healing sessions from her and was impressed by her intuitive perception of what was happening in my body, where the energy was blocked and what information she could channel to assist in the healing.

I have tried a different method to get at some deeply rooted issues and trauma that have led me to live with enormous guilt and be easily manipulated by guilt. This had led me to accept for my ex to move in with me, temporarily, after we broke up and I moved in a new apartment. A year later he was still living in my apartment.

My mental doesn’t calm easily so the other method was not as effective as I’d hoped. Catherine did a QCT session. Since I trust her completely, I decided to delve into my darkest corners. I shared with her what I had never shared with anyone. The QCT work was profound and the emotional release deeply healing as I revisited two past lives.

The very next day, my ex, who had barely put any efforts in finding a new place, found the perfect apartment. We part in the best of terms and I am immensely grateful for the karma that was healed between us.

-Leva Marie

I’ve had the honor of knowing Catherine Foster more than a decade and a half. She is a pure soul, dedicated to her path and her evolution. The 5D frequency class with Catherine was thorough and uplifting, so much so, that I’ve been utilizing the frequencies every day. I’m really InJoying the daily upgrades. And feel the difference in my body, how I’m showing up, and how in relating to others. And I feel very much more InPowered. Catherine is a remarkable artist and brings that into her teaching as well. I would highly recommend that you upgrade with her.

Leva Marie http://linktr.ee/thelevamarie

The new logo above is from a painting I did about 30 years ago called “Blossoming Humanity” Somehow I think my intuition from then and now was right on with the name. 


Thank you so much for coming today, I am deeply grateful for all who have given me wonderful testimonials. Even more, I am forever grateful for the wisdom and energy frequencies from the council of “ONE”to share with others.I am truly blessed and love serving in the world.. -Catherine Foster

Catherine Foster 

675 Sandpiper Place

Rio Vista CA 94571 


Ask Catherine about Soul Signature Paintings filled with energy for healing, meditation and self awareness. Please /go Here for More links to art and more: https://createconsciously.life/links/

Catherine Foster