The discovery of Ancient healing techniques with 5D and beyond has been awakened by Ian Welch, the “Master Healer”. He is the only person on earth guided to receive these exceptual high level “Golden Age” practices that have come to him through divine guidance.

We are collectively creating a new world of great wealth, prosperity, cultural, stability, and scienticfic achievement called “The Golden Age”.  It is time to awaken the creator within by creatively shaping your experience in a conscious and connected universe.

These interactive workshops are designed by Ian to be experienced in sequential steps 1-2-3. This allows time between for your physical body to adjust to the new frequencies. Each class expertly guides you to collectively integrate 5D + bringing more joy and  peace into your life.

Ian now has trained some of his students to help teach this information to also share with the world. “I am honored and blessed to be certified to teach this powerful work. – Thank you Ian Welch for the gifts you give to the world.”

-Catherine Foster


These classes are very high level energy. If you are a Reiki healer this will shift you into the highest possible frequencies. 

* Activation of pineal glands- all of them! Yes !

*Become your own Med Bed!  *Discover new techniques-1st time in the world!

* Find more love, compassion and forgiveness for your yourself and others!

If you are new to healing work these classes will set the lifestyle for you to heal all 4 bodies and help heal family, friends, pets etc.

*Awaken 22 Strands of DNA!

*Learn how to use the Mirror Version of yourself to heal.

* Remove harmful programs in your food and anything you put in or on your body and replace with the highest nutrients!

16+ Activations in 5D Golden Age!

DNA strands - Create Old 22 strands with workshop #2


Pinecones, throughout the span of recorded human history, have been a symbol of human enlightenment, resurrection, eternal life and regeneration. Conifers are some of the oldest forms of plant life on earth.


Quantum Awakening Workshop with Catherine Foster

Quantum Living is best described as an extraordinary new approach to living. This allows us to see our role in life of the active creator, rather than the passive observer.  This results in creatively shaping our experience in a conscious and connected universe. Please go to *** If you are a Reiki Master/ Healing Practitioner for additional information.


Johana Gardner

“Catherine is a one of a kind INCREDIBLE healer and artist. As a powerful medical intuitive, she visually SAW inside my body and helped me connect some emotional trauma to explain why I was having the physical pain. I literally felt the pain disappear as we worked together and was so grateful for her healing insights.I admire Catherine so much. She’s so amazingly talented and has a heart of gold. You’ll be forever touched by her magic.”

Johanna Gardner- Intuitive Business Coach

Leva Daniels

I’ve had the honor of knowing Catherine Foster more than a decade and a half. She is a pure soul, dedicated to her path and her evolution. The 5D frequency class with Catherine was thorough and uplifting, so much so, that I’ve been utilizing the frequencies every day. I’m really InJoying the daily upgrades. And feel the difference in my body, how I’m showing up, and how in relating to others. And I feel very much more InPowered. Catherine is a remarkable artist and brings that into her teaching as well. I would highly recommend that you upgrade with her.

Leva Marie

I recently had the privilege of working with an amazing energy healer, Catherine Foster. The experience was like nothing I had ever experienced before! She has the warmest presence that made me feel instantly at ease, and she had a way of connecting with me that made me feel like I could trust her. She was very knowledgeable and explained the healing process in a way that made it easy to understand. During the session, I felt a deep sense of relaxation, and I found myself in a state of calmness and clarity that I hadn’t experienced in a while. I felt as if I was being guided through a healing journey and I left the session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find some balance and alignment in their lives. She was able to help me find a sense of inner peace that I didn’t even know I was missing!          ~Michele B.

My experience with Catherine was just mind blowing! I know that’s a understatement! A well known phrase, but it really was. I had pain in my feet, toes, and legs. The pain dissipated and my body felt tingly. There was a beautiful light that came over my lower extremities and I could just feel the love the healing that was taking place. Catherine picked up on those very important places she discovered in me and the healing began. It’s so beautiful what’s happening. It’s definitely from a power greater ( GOD) that was present. . My experience with this healing will help me so much! Thank you Catherine for all you do for us/me. I’m so glad I said YES TO THIS INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! So much love! You can’t imagine!Words can’t describe what I’m feeling still, as I write this! -Debra Thain

Registration Button for #2 will be live on March 12th

Registration button for #3 will be live on March 26th 

Ian Welch Master Healer 5D golden Age
5D is all about the Heart and Love
Catherine Foster


Master Healer- Teacher- Coach

“Discernment is my middle name- Love and blessings to all who choose love as their guide”

Healing for 41 years

Shatsu for 30 years.Reiki for 30 years

Faith healing since the age of 19


Psychic and Clairvoyant directly from the Univers

Free information and affirmations to empower you 

Clear and Positive connetions to our galactic neighbors

Proud owner of Spooky 2 Rife machines

Aura camera device (PIP) photography


Passions is the creative process helping people discover their creative gifts

Experimental Artist placing healing into the artwor

Usui & Shamballa Reiki Master 29 years

Expressive Arts Coach with Dr. Jane Goldberg

AIWP Ordained Minister 26 years

Soul Recognition Facilitator

Faster EFT

Art & Soul Radio co-host


Over a span of 49 years Studied & trained in many healing modalities: Partial list -Elizabeth Reed, adalyn Kennedy, Jennifer McClean, David Morelli, Rudi Hunter,  Martin- HighBear, Susie Anthony, Mas Sajady, PSTEC, Lorie Ladd, Deborah Koff-Chapin, Oliver Nino, Genesis Dr, EFT, Mary Hall, Jennifer Hough, Emmanuel Dagher, Joe Dispenza, Jack Canfield,

Key to Quantum Ascension 5D workshop

***ATTENTION Reiki Practitioners,  Reiki Master healer/teachers – As a Reiki Master for over 29 years this is what I have experienced with the training from Ian Welch! Want you to know that the healing energy, frequencies of these three workshops is 100% stronger than Reiki healing  and the many other training I have ever experienced. The level you will go to will enhance your abilities with the difference. I paid thousands of dollars to receive Reiki Mastership from 3 different teachers and grateful for the experience, but this new powerful ancient methods downloaded at this time is worth the time and financial cost to enhance your healing abilities. 


I am so blessed to have met Ian Welch. Out of the huge list of people I have trained with, he is by far one of the most intuitive, creative, powerful, loving person on Earth. Thank you Ian for Certifying me to teach these workshops. Learning and Sharing is one of my biggest joys in life. Ian’s favorite saying- “Let’s Go Big!”-Catherine Foster

*Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to have a one on one appt. to clear any fears, blocks, health issues to look at. Please note I am not a doctor, nurse, etc. Any info that comes through me is from Spirit and my guides. “Creating Life Consciously with Catherine”

Catherine Foster

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