Welcome to Create Living Consciously Blog

This is about living more creatively for more joy, purpose and your passion. Time to create the life experience you truly wish to enjoy,

My name is Catherine Foster. I have been an artist and healer for well over 40 years.  

This site is all about both healing and art where we will discuss the creative process and the advantages of using your unique creativity to enhance your life. 

For now I have just alittle written here but you can go to these two pages to learn more about me and what my healing passion is.

First if you are ready to increase your frequencies so that you can manifest the creative life you would like to experience and move from 3-4D into the exciting 26D frequencies combined with the Golden Age and Love Star frequencies: https://createconsciously.life/classes/ 

The highest frequencies available at this time for humans on earth

Then please take a look at my healing artwork to enhance your life here: It is my joy to put the highest Dimencial frequencies into all my artwork. As I raise my frequencies the artwork also raises. https://catherinefosterartprints.com/

To see other artworks past and currently available to purchase go to my site to take a look. I will be putting all this info into my upcoming page catherinefoster.com soon  (currently not active) Please click here to see other artwroks with nassive healing energy in them here: https://www.foundmyself.com/cath4art/albums/ancient-messages-series/30366

Thank you for stopping by Come back soon to read ideas, tips, and more to help you consciously create. Catherine Foster