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What Is Intuitive Energetic Healing?

Ultimately all healing is self-healing. 

“I am merely a guide and facilitator.”-Catherine Foster

Trained in Inter-dimensional healing including Reiki Mastership, Expressive Arts Coach, Soul Recognition, Everything is Energy and years of other healing modalities including being certified in 5D+ Golden Age Activations.

Catherine is an intuitive Coach/Teacher following her inner guidance as she facilitates  NEW QCT tapping removing blocks, emotional and physical. She is gifted with seeing inside the human body to help facilitates healing often with channeling powerful guides and angels!

As a millionaire artist Catherine expresses herself in creating energetic artwork filled with healing frequencies to serve in the world. 


Energetic Healing Artist Catherine Foster

What People Say:

Johana Gardner

“Catherine is a one of a kind INCREDIBLE healer and artist. As a powerful medical intuitive, she visually SAW inside my body and helped me connect some emotional trauma to explain why I was having the physical pain. I literally felt the pain disappear as we worked together and was so grateful for her healing insights. I admire Catherine so much. She’s so amazingly talented and has a heart of gold. You’ll be forever touched by her magic.” Johanna Gardner Intuitive Business Coach

Kayla pic .jpg

I am so grateful to have had a session with Catherine.  She is a gifted healer. Her inner knowing and powerful connection to her intuition, increased my awareness of what I needed to bring into balance, and it was exactly what I needed.  Catherine’s energies are very powerful and pure.  She works from her heart, and from her desire to help others awaken to their own inner guidance.

Having a session with Catherine is life changing. Kayla Wentworth

Catherine is very gentle and encouraging at the same time.  She has helped me tap into a part of myself that I hadn’t seen in a while. During our sessions she was able to relay messages that helped  me realize that I was holding onto deep grief that was blocking me from moving on forward. I’ve learned so much in our time together about love, light, energy and angels.  I’m so very thankful!

😊 thank you so very much! Sonya Larson

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Ask Catherine about “Soul Signature Paintings”

Catherine facilitates online painting sessions via Zoom, where she assists in unblocking energy in the mind, spirit, and emotions. Using pastels on sanded paper, she captures and expresses these energies. As you participate, you are encouraged to breathe into your heart and soul. Catherine intuitively incorporates healing symbols and colors that resonate with your higher self and soul frequencies. These finished paintings serve as meditation tools, enabling you to uncover subtle messages and insights that your soul is guiding you to explore. Your Soul Signature Painting is infused with your higher self frequencies, promoting your highest good.

Catherine Foster 

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